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The Forever Purge Review

This was the final Purge piece I had to watch to complete the puzzle of the franchise, and while I absolutely adore The Purge I did have worries about this […]

Freaky Review

Slasher horrors are my favourite of the genre because they are so iconic in what they do and also rooted in some logical truth with the fact that it could […]

Pillow Party Massacre Review

I I was kindly sent this film as a screener and if you know me you know I love a good slasher horror, and so I couldn’t wait to sink […]

Selling Sunset Season 6 Review

As this season progressed I felt more and more conflict was being created but not resolved, so to then immediately see the trailer for season 7 be pushed at the […]

The Kidnap of Angel Lynn Review

I think everyone when they’re young adults think they’re invincible, they think they know best and they don’t realise what can happen in their lives. I know when I was […]