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Suits Season Three Review

I definitely felt this season was the one where things got a bit too repetitive and a bit too soft. There were many interesting elements that really could have added […]

Bones Season 3 Review

This season in some ways was much easier to watch than season two and I’m glad we finally came to a head with one of the ongoing storylines that has […]

Criminal Minds Season One Review

I was planning on doing an overarching Criminal Minds review of the whole show because it seemed very cut and dry, each episode while building on the characters was easily […]

Pamela: A Love Story Review

I very much enjoyed Pam and Tommy on Disney Plus but of course that was a recreation of everything that happened to them during their whirlwind romance, so to actually […]

The Impossible Review

I remember as a child watching this tsunami unfold on the news and the devastation it brought to millions of families, and so to see it recreated in this film […]

Downton Abbey: The Movie Review

I feel the Christmas episode of Downton really prepared me for this film, as the film didn’t bring too much extra concerns or issues to the table and just felt […]