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Tag: star wars

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

I’ll be honest. I didn’t like the original trilogy. I didn’t like the prequels. But I did enjoy The Force Awakens. Maybe it’s the difference in watching it on the […]

Most Overrated Movie

I’m probably going to get a lot of negative comments for this one but oh well, it’s my website, it’s my opinions. The most overrated movie… Uh oh. But yes. […]

Last Movie I Saw in the Cinema

For Christmas, I got a Cineworld Unlimited card which means I get to see any movie (except 3D) as many times as I want for free! No strings attached! It’s […]

Rogue One Review

Finally, finally after about a month since its release I have finally seen Rogue One. I got a Cineworld Unlimited card for Christmas so used it on this movie. I […]

Chewbacca Mom

I had to write a post about this because honestly, it’s one of the loveliest and sweetest things I’ve seen this year. It is a video that went viral this […]