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Tag: tom hardy

Most Underrated Movie

This is a movie that I had never heard of before I met my current boyfriend. We watched it on our first date together at his house and it also […]

Favourite Actor

Actors can make or break a film. So how can I choose just one? Here are my top three. Tom Hardy Tom Hardy is a ridiculously amazing actor with a […]

Favourite Action/Adventure Movie

I’m not a huge action/adventure movie girl, so when I say I love this movie, I love this movie. I did a full review here but for now, my favourite […]

Legend Review

What more reason do you need to see this movie? It has TWO Tom Hardy’s! Ok, sorry, my fan girl came out a bit there but seriously, this movie is […]

Mad Max From a Girls Point of View

Now I’ve never been one for action movies. To be honest I didn’t even realise there were other Mad Max films before this one but my love of Tom Hardy […]