Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is Shona and I am a recent Performance and Media graduate with a 2:1 honours degree. At university I studied many different media outlets including scriptwriting, film directing, producing and editing, TV and radio presenting and acting. Over my three years I gained a lot of confidence in myself and my abilities and like to use different social media outlets to show off my talents.


On Instagram I have a page called Shutter Speed and Focus. On this page I upload my photography using my Canon 700D DSLR camera, a hobby I have enjoyed for many years.

My love is film and TV reviewing, thus the creation of this website, and I have dreams of becoming a film critic in the future. I also enjoy any sort of creative outlet and I am extremely proficient on social media. Check out my social media page for all the places to follow me!

I post a new review every weekday and also have a YouTube channel where I upload more beauty/lifestyle videos.

Hopefully this gives you some insight into me and what I like to do, but, if you want to know anything else don’t hesitate to email me or send me a tweet on Twitter!





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