shonaharding.wordpress was launched in 2015 as a space for me to vent about life, fashion, beauty, and films.

Overtime however…things changed.

A year in thoughts occurred: what’s the point? Who am I doing this for? What do I really enjoy? And thus Moving Picture Review was born.

Moving Picture Review is a space for cinema goers and TV binge watchers to come together and discuss what they’ve watched. Whether they loved the look of the shark in Jaws or didn’t like the ending of Dexter there’s something any moving-picture lover could talk about.

If you love cinema, TV, even music and trailers this is the place for you. A place to have a browse, take in what others have said and start a debate.

Through this website you will find new shows to binge watch, trailers for the best upcoming movies (and a few theories surrounding them) me! A movie lover who will happily talk your ear off about everything film and TV.

Every weekday there is a new review on a current or popular film or TV show for you to read. With or without spoilers there’s always a review for you whether you want to go see the movie or talk about what happened within it.

My website has helped me work with film and TV creators, travel around the UK to see new and upcoming releases and review our future Hitchcock’s and Speilsberg’s work. If you want a review of your work or work you’ve loved just send me an email or follow my Twitter.

But why trust me?

My name is Shona and not only do I love going to the cinema and watching movies I have also made movies too. I studied Performance and Media at university so have lots of experience in front and behind the camera as well as watching the finished product on the big screen. It’s one thing to watch movies, it’s another to live them, breathe them and really care about what we see and pay for. All my reviews are always honest and trustworthy, but also my own opinion, so if you have a differing one don’t get annoyed just have a debate with me! I enjoy them I promise.

So do you trust the opinion of a 27 year old graduate who lives for film and TV? Check out some of my reviews (have a search or look at what’s most popular) and let me know!



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