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Below Zero Review

I won’t lie, I thought the cold temperature would have held more weight in this movie.

Below Zero follows a prison guard who has two children and a wife and his first job as a guard is transporting a few inmates to a different prison. This transportation is halted however when one of the prisoners in the van is targeted by someone who is looking for him.

Now this prison guard has to fight against the prisoners within the van and the unknown being that is outside. It’s very tense and very suspenseful but also quite interesting look at the psychological side of how slowly over time these prisoners start to seem more human.

You hear about these prisoners being thieves and murders and that’s all very interesting and seeing the differences between them and the police guard and how their relationships change over time is really fascinating because, if you’re being targeted to be killed by an unknown person of course your relationships with the people around you that you’re hoping will keep you alive or help you escape do alter, despite whether they’re good people or not.

In the end that’s what we find out about the one guy that this random man wants. He was not a standard prisoner, he had a darker past than what we first realised and it really made the whole movie come together. There were lots of parts where you can see why the random attacker is doing what he is doing and it’s interesting to see and speculate how the prison guard is going to react to this attacker and what he’ll do if he gets hold of the prisoner that possibly this guard now sees as a friend.

The one scene that really got me in this movie was the ice lake scene where the transporter descends into icy water and the occupants of the van have to escape while slowly being flooded. It’s absolutely terrifying and one of my biggest fears and watching it made my heart skip a beat. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be in that situation knowing that if you don’t work quickly you’re going to drown.

I really enjoyed this movie. I feel they could’ve implemented more of the freezing temperature into it especially as that was its name sake in English but it was still very intriguing and very enjoyable. As more of the story is released and discovered it just keeps you so engaged and I really recommend it.

What do you think of Below Zero?

Until next time.

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