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It’s a Man’s World

(This is going to be a very serious blog post and one close to my heart. I’m putting a trigger warning here just in case)

Today at university a group I was working with handed in a short film titled “It’s a Man’s World” our writer named it this because it is about sexism, mainly sexism in a workplace. This topic is something that all members of our team feel strongly about and feel is wrong. Although it is talked about often nothing ever really gets done about it. The amount of social media posts I’ve seen about it with people taking both sides is crazy! But my issue is I think no one’s really listening to each other…but that’s for later on.

When we handed in this piece of work, link here if you wish to see it yourself: end of second year short film , we had to hand out review sheets to our classmates so they could review our work and tell us what we did well and what could have been improved. Many of these were very unbiased, barely leaving the grey area of ‘it has enough  sexism!’ ‘it doesn’t have enough sexism!’ but one comment absolutely shocked my group. This comment said that this film was pretty much a pointless project because sexism is not a common problem in today’s society and to show this we should have added more sexism, which this person suggested, the antagonist to RAPE or HIT the protagonist (in simpler terms, to have our male character hit our female character)! We were appalled at this suggestion because well:

  1.  That is an absolutely disgusting idea that should not have been made! Harassment isn’t just a physical thing but also a psychological one and in our film there were many harassing comments made about our female character.
  2. This commenter completely contradicted themselves by saying that it isn’t an issue and then saying that rape was the answer to showing this – which shows it is still an issue as they think this is a reasonable answer!

Of course we went straight to our teacher on the course and she said she’d send out an email to let the culprit know that what they said was unacceptable. But what really annoyed me was how this person believed they were right in what they were saying, or if it was a joke, they thought that this was acceptable and ‘funny’.

Sexism and harassment is a huge issue in today’s society and shouldn’t be swept under the rug. I think the issue is people aren’t being educated the right way. Watching movies and TV shows sexism and harassment as almost a normality these days. It’s a stereotype for builders and other professions like that to wolf whistle at a woman and this woman should accept it and be thankful for the attention.  Even in our own film it was commented that we used a lot of shots of the protagonists bum which was completely unintentional. Of course the film was supposed to be against that exact thing but we ended up doing it because..well…it’s what we’re used to seeing.

Recently, especially on twitter, I have seen a lot of people trying to reason that women aren’t being harassed and are just over sensitive, and other people trying to counteract this argument by saying this just isn’t true! I find it quite disgusting that this is even still a topic that has to be debated. I don’t understand why people can’t just pluck up the courage and compliment someone instead of having to whistle at them from afar like they’re some kind of animal.

From experience I know it’s hard to reason with people who have differing opinions to you and usually it’s just easier to let them continue their lives and then see how they act when it actually happens to them, but what I think is important is that us ladies stand together and make sure our voices are heard. Today is election day in the UK and everyone knows what those poor women went through just to get the vote. It’s obvious to see that if women do stick together instead of compete with each other we can change history and make our lives more equal. It’s the 21st century for goodness sakes, it’s about time.

I apologise for going on a rant but this is something that really means a lot to me. It’s not fair that people have to be scared of even leaving their house because of the few people who are utter disgusting individuals. All I know is if us girls stick together and help each other and even support each other hopefully the world will slowly turn in our favour and we will get the equality we deserve. The thing that scares me the most is these people came from women yet still don’t see them as the amazing beings they are.

Please watch the short film we created and let me know what you think. It’s always interesting to see how other people expect sexism and harassment to be portrayed.

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