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Pretty Muddy 2015

On Saturday I completed the Race For Life Pretty Muddy race with my friends and it was brilliant! 


We were part of the 11 o’clock group and there was so many of us! We had to be split into groups because of the obstacles and how many people wanted to do it. If you’re not familiar with Pretty Muddy it is a 5k race that has obstacles in it that incorporate mud. The obstacles include giant blow up pink logs you have to climb over and tunnels you have to crawl through. The further down the run you go the muddier you get. The last obstacle is a giant slip and slide down into a pool of mud (now that was fun). 


If you ever get the chance to do the race for life I urge you to because it is so much fun, the atmosphere is amazing and all the money you raise goes to charity to help cancer. With this charity as well you get a sticker to wear on your back telling everyone who you’re running for, it was amazing to read who and why the other girls’ doing the race were doing it for. 


And this was the aftermath! We got absolutely covered in mud! It was amazing! We were literally covered from head to toe and it was hilarious heading back to the car and trying to wipe off as much as we could before going home (I used half a bottle of shampoo that day!) 


At the finish line we were given a bottle of Batiste dry shampoo, a brioche, a bottle of water and a dog tag saying ‘we did it!’ on it. If you have an opportunity to do a Race For Life run whether it’s Pretty Muddy, half marathon or a full marathon I urge to do it because it is such a rewarding experience from knowing you can achieve something like this (which to be honest I never thought I would because I’m not a very athletic person) and also knowing you’re helping people with a dreadful disease is always a good thing. 

I want to thank my friends for doing this with me and being an amazing support and to my family who came along to watch and support me too. 

Until next time. 

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