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Favourite Comedy Movie

Maybe I just like this movie because it’s set in a small town/village and that’s the sort of place I live in.


For a more in-depth review click here.

Hot Fuzz! Hot Fuzz is a movie I could watch endlessly and never get bored of. It is such a clever film, as are most of Edgar Wright’s movies and will make you notice new and funny things each time you watch it.

Hot Fuzz is about a big time cop from London being moved to a sweet little village in the countryside. He soon finds out that things aren’t all they seem when people start to get killed off even though the rest of the police believe they’re all accidents. Soon enough he finds out things are a lot more exciting than he could’ve ever imagined.

It’s a classic cornetto trilogy movie. With the good old Pegg and Frost team and a great storyline. This is a movie that will make you laugh and make you second guess the lovely old lady neighbour down the road.


If you haven’t seen this movie I couldn’t recommend it enough. It has a lot of great moments, a brilliant storyline and of course some wonderful actors. Do you need to be more convinced? Just watch the movie!

What’s your favourite comedy?

Make sure you check out my full review!

Until next time.


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