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Ghost House Review

So this was ok. But let’s face it, it’s just another ‘don’t go to another country and mess up their culture otherwise you’ll die’ thing right?

God damn you americans! But, well, us brits get involved in this one too.


Ghost House follows a couple Julie and Jim on a trip to Thailand where they meet some British men, Robert and Billy. Julie is obsessed with taking photographs and cultures so when Robert offers to take them to the countryside and see the ghost houses she of course wants to go.

These ghost houses are set up by locals to keep spirits at bay. If they haunt these houses they won’t haunt the houses where people live. But Julie upsets the ghost houses there and a ghost of a woman who died in a fire and hates pretty young girls comes after her. Of course she gets help from locals but in the end they need a special magic, and a finger, to truly save her from having her soul taken.

This movie is pretty dumb. Ok? I’m going to say it. Julie and Jim are not the most likeable of characters and Robert and Billy are the most British brits you’ve ever seen in a movie. The whole premise is stupid. Surely Julie, who seems pretty well travelled and sensible, would know not to touch anything on sacred ground?

And then we get to the demon who lets Julie have three days to try and work her stuff out before taking her soul. Why? Why is it the ghosts always give the people time to save themselves? Like no, just kill them and then let the rest of the characters try and figure out what happened or what to do next. Then kill them too. Why not, it’s a movie after all right?

But this demon was just like all the others and it was pretty boring. And she liked to scream, a lot, and that just meant a lot of jumpscares that yes were scary but not for the right reasons.


I also don’t understand why Julie didn’t tell anyone what was happening. It seemed her local guide seemed pretty knowledgeable on these things, surely he would’ve known what to do and get her more help then some monks praying for her.

But then we get to that ending where they do get her proper help and it’s way too over the top, rushed, and just plain weird. Almost laughable. It wasn’t an enjoyable watch and not a movie I would watch again.

Much like Temple (which literally has the same premise) there wasn’t much point in the story and was, in the end, a bit underwhelming. I get this may be a new easy way of making cheap horror and is relevant to what young people do in this day and age but that doesn’t make it good. Look back on movies like the Ring or the Grudge and learn from them. Stop trying to make us feel sorry for characters that are ridiculous dumb and unlikeable.

What did you think of Ghost House?

Until next time.

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