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Despicable Me 2 Review

Surprisingly I didn’t find the minions annoying in this movie.

Despicable Me 2 continues to follow Gru and his three daughters as they go about their lives now that he has given up being a super villain.

However another super villain is at large and an agency want Gru to work with them to find out who it is, as he has the mind of a super villain himself.

Thus begins the main storyline which sees the characters go through romantic relationships, first love interests, and Agnes’ poor little story about not having a mother.

I quite enjoyed this movie but I can see how it was made for a family audience as there wasn’t a lot of jokes that would entertain a more adult audience. It was still enjoyable nonetheless and as I said at the beginning I didn’t find the minions in this annoying, but really rather quite sweet and fun, especially the one in his little maid outfit…I really enjoyed him.

The storyline was quite simple. It followed the usual tropes. There is a bad guy, we need to find the bad guy, we stop the bad guy but nearly get killed in the process. it was all pretty simple and standard although the inclusion of the chicken did make me laugh a lot.

If you have children or enjoy more family friendly movies then this one will be right up your street. It’s funny and the minions aren’t too over the top where you begin to hate them. They’re still quite enjoyable in this and I feel that’s a big part of enjoying movies like Despicable Me, you can’t find it too annoying.

Although I am an adult who doesn’t have children and so watching it for me it didn’t hold my full attention, however it was still a good watch. Although I do still believe the first was better and I still quote Agnes’ ‘it’s so fluffy!’ far too often in my life.

What do you think of Despicable Me 2? Did you prefer the original as well?

Until next time.


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