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Six the Musical Review

I have been obsessed with this musical since 2019 when I first found the soundtrack, and only now thanks to the pandemic, have I been able to see it live. So did it match up to my expectations?

Six the Musical follows Henry the Eighth’s wives as they compete in a competition to prove that they were the most tragic/best wife to the king. We get to hear each of the queens sing a song about what they went through with Henry and each tell a different tale that is just as engaging as the last, but this musical comes with a twist in that even though it’s talking about very mediaeval ways of life, it’s a modern day musical with fantastic glittery costumes and a setting that anyone can connect to as a millennial or Gen Z.

I do feel this musical is very marmite, you will either love it or hate it. It is brilliant in my opinion. I absolutely loved it but because it’s only 75 minutes long with no interval and about 45 minutes of that runtime is songs you can definitely watch it and then forget about it, but you will have the songs stuck in your head, whereas I feel darker musicals like Blood Brothers really stick with you because of the story it’s weaving whereas this one is much more about the story being told through song and is more high-level than something that has deeper connotations to it.

What I did love however is that this whole musical does not feature Henry the Eighth at all. Of course he is the subject matter of the whole thing but he is not a character. All of the characters from the queens to the band that are playing the songs for them are women and I really appreciated that. This is definitely a girl power sort of musical that is perfect for hen parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, whatever! But that does not mean that it is a female only musical that only women will enjoy, men can enjoy it too, especially if they enjoy history being taken the mick out of and have a good sense of humour.

This musical showed me that you don’t need lots of talking to portray feelings. You don’t need to stick to the original script when it comes to looking at historical facts and you can take something and make it and twist it into something completely different, but something that is so good! Each of the songs are memorable, the queens are fantastic, and you can tell from all the little details that are included in the show that the producers and writers really understood what they were doing and have put a lot of thought and love and care into the show itself.

I cannot recommend Six the Musical enough! It is absolutely fantastic, it’s such a joy and it deserves all the praise that it is getting. I definitely feel in some circles that it’s still quite an underground show, I found it personally from TikTok, and if I wasn’t on social media or online I probably wouldn’t have heard of it myself, and so I definitely feel the more we talk about it the more we get it out to the mainstream and the more people can watch it and enjoy it. It is a fantastic night out with great comedy, great songs, and just an energy that makes you feel electric.

What do you think of Six the Musical?

Until next time.

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