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A Child’s Wish

On Tuesday I went into Bath with my mum and took a look around the new Yankee Candle shop there. In this shop they do a ‘scent of the month’ where whichever candle is chosen you get 25% off the asking price. One of the candles that was in this offer was ‘A Child’s Wish‘ which I absolutely love. IMG_1818 I got the biggest candle (of course) and I forgot how big they are! I think the image on the front of the candle is adorable and all the colours fit so well together. It’s name A Child’s Wish as well is incredibly cute and adds something else to the smell instead of just being called ‘soft towels’ or something (even though those candles are just as great as this one)IMG_1819 For a while I had this candle as a small one but because I had nothing to light it in I never got to smell it while it was burning. The smell is incredibly fresh and subtle. It reminds me of spring days out in a field somewhere with your friends. It’s definitely one of those scents which is more about transporting you back to a memory rather than reminding you of a fruit or something. IMG_1821 I think the colour of the candle adds to it as well as it is green and looks very fresh and summery. I love this candle and highly recommend it, and if you haven’t tried Yankee candle’s before I definitely urge you to try to find a scent of the month near you to get some cheaper than you normally would to start your collection.

What’s your favourite Yankee candle scent?


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