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One Direction – Perfect Review 

What ever happened to music videos that showed a story? 

I’m going to start by saying that I love this song and the music video is stunning. It follows the boys in a hotel just making music, having fun and staring out of windows…literally all the way through! Niall of course has his guitar and Liam shows off his style in hats which was a bit weird (seriously don’t hide that lovely hair) but to be honest the video underwhelmed me. 

When I first listened to the song the idea of a lovely relationship between the boys and their partners came up. Especially if the girls weren’t as famous as the boys and that’s why their relationship deteriorates, especially during the line ‘and if you like cameras flashing every time we go out… baby I’m perfect’ (how sad is that little bit?!) but instead we go for a simple black and white video that holds no storyline but instead has cute little camera tricks and the use of a projector. 

I’m not saying it’s a bad music video because, to be honest, I think you can listen to the words of the song better using this but I would have loved to see a story. This song is all about a relationship that doesn’t have a chance of going anywhere but is fun at the time. Why not have a cute little music video that drills in that point more? It’d be so much better than just having the boys sing at the camera, we’ve already seen that done in Little Things. 

Obviously I’m not One Direction and I don’t now what they were aiming for with the concept of this music video and I am not bashing it as I think it is stunning but studying music videos at A Level and continuing this as a hobby through to university I would love to see a story. May have to recreate the video myself with my own concept! 

What did you think of the music video? Would you have liked to have seen a story or are you happy with how it went? 

Until next time. 


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