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Dad’s Birthday 

Yesterday was my dad’s 48th birthday so we went to Ask Italian in Cardiff for some food. 

I have never been to an Ask Italian before and it was amazing! Lovely restaurant, great staff and even greater food! Of course I had to have three courses. 

 For starters I went for the more ‘odd’ choice. I had the new Fiery Bread Sticks. These are bread sticks with chilli flakes in and a dip of sausage and butter. These were definitely fiery! My mouth was on fire! The dip was certainly different, the sausage was proper Italian sausage with a distinct taste but honestly, I’m glad I tried it but probably wouldn’t go for it again. 


For mains I had the Pork Belly Porchetta and this was amazing! I have never tasted better pork. 
The pork was slow roasted in a herbed red wine sauce with potatoes. I asked for chips but these were more like roast potatoes but I am not complaining! The potatoes were lovely. I’m not huge on red wine but this sauce was ridiculously good! The pork was incredibly tender and there were so many flavours it was delicious with every bite. 


With this you also got ‘greens’ which turned out to be spinach. I’m not a huge fan of spinach but the dressing on this was lovely! It was really nice accompanying the pork. 


For dessert my brother and I shared the Chocolate Lava Mountain. On the bottom is a delicious chocolate cake with a hard dark chocolate shell on top. With this you get hot toffee sauce to pour on top and underneath is a hidden ball of vanilla gelato. This was so rich but so good! The toffee sauce had lovely flavours and the vanilla really helped to take away the harshness of the dark chocolate. 

 If you’re looking for somewhere new to eat and love Italian food I definitely recommend Ask Italian. 

Have you been before? What did you think? 

Happy birthday dad! 

Until next time. 


  1. Shona! This post *heart eye emoji*

    The sound of that starter had my mouth watering! Those pizzas look so yummy too!
    I was looking at the menu ahead of my 21st Birthday booking and I had my eye on that pudding! I love toffee so much!

    Looks like you had an amazing time!

    Jordan | JordanCourtney


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