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Second A Day Video

Contains upsetting scenes. Watch with caution.

Back in March 2014 a video was uploaded to YouTube following a young girl and her life. Each day was represented with a one second clip. Over the course of the video you can see that the girl’s world is being torn apart around her. This video was created to highlight the crisis that is happening due to war in our world today and how we should help them. Within the video they base it in London to really put the audience into the people’s shoes and to see how bad it really is in relation to how we are now.

In May 2016 another video was created. This one titled ‘Still The Most Shocking Second A Day’. This one follows the same girl again and how her situation has progressed. This short video highlights what the refugees are going through everyday including boats capsizing as they try and cross the ocean and their families being torn apart. It is a hard hitting piece of film and really makes you think about what you would do in their situation and what we can do to help them.

Watching these now I have no words. It’s shocking what people have to go through just to find safety and no person, no child, should ever have to experience this. If we all work together we can make this world a better place. I also find it mad how the first video was created early 2014 and these things are still so prominent in today’s media.

There is a website set up where you can donate to the crisis and help people just like the ones in the videos.

£25 could pay for a week’s food for a child sleeping in a camp or outdoors.

£50 could buy nutritious meals for three days for a refugee family.

£100 could provide hygiene kits for 6 families, including toilet paper, soap and toothbrushes

But really, anything you can donate will help in some way.

Until next time.

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