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Chewbacca Mom

I had to write a post about this because honestly, it’s one of the loveliest and sweetest things I’ve seen this year. It is a video that went viral this week that stars a woman called Candace who buys herself a Chewbacca mask. Thus ensues some of the funniest and heartwarming moments that come from seemingly nowhere.

She buys this mask and puts it on in the car and hilarity ensues as she reacts to the mask making the Chewbacca sounds. This includes a lot of laughter. I love this kind of thing, moments like this which are so random and dumb that can be so nice to millions of people are just brilliant. She was gaining a million views an hour when this first surfaced and since then she has met J.J. Abrams and James Corden and featured on talk shows just because she decided to talk into her phone about a new toy.

This shows how mad the world is and how anything can become big. I think this woman deserves her fifteen minutes of fame because she seems like such a kind hearted lady that can find joy in the most minuscule of things. I believe this is a trait more people should adopt. Instead of searching the world or their wallets for happiness we should try looking for it in everyday life. Whether that be a passing stranger’s comment or a child’s laugh. There’s happiness out there if we are just brave enough to pursue it.

If you haven’t seen Candace’s video then I urge you too especially if you are having a bit of a down day as she will cheer you up instantly.

I hope you enjoyed this little post. I thought I’d write about something different as she really has left a smile on my face every time someone brings her up.

Until next time.


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