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Fergie – M.I.L.F $

I know what you’re thinking…and if I don’t then clearly you’re more innocent than I believe. M.I.L.F in this sense of the phrase means Mom’s I’d Like To Follow, i.e. Instagram, as shown by the many selfies in this video. M.I.L.F $ (money) is Fergie’s newest single and, like I saw on Twitter, people are calling it the Fergalicious video on crack (I’ll put them both down below so you can compare).


Fergie seemed to disappear from the scene for a while so of course she had to come back with something jaw dropping, something that would get everyone talking and obviously, that is exactly what she did. MILF $ has many different star cameos in it from Alessandra a  Victoria Secret model to the famous Kim Kardashian. These cameos will obviously help boost views and make the video more viral (if the sexiness of it all didn’t already do that for you).

In the video a lot of the women are quite scantily clad showing off their many assets. This is then heightened when they start messing around with milk, making fun of that old slogan Got Milk? Becoming Got MILF?


The big thing that helped sell this song is the sex appeal of the video. Try listening to the song without the visual and see what you really think of it because, in my honest opinion, it isn’t that great. Also, if it wasn’t for these famous people this song would just be lost in the sea of other mediocre singles out there at the moment.

When I listened to it I did get the sense that it was the sort of song that could grow on you but it is still something that will fade away into a forgotten song all too soon and Fergie will have to find the next big thing to keep people interested. Whatever happened to her Big Girls Don’t Cry stage? She is clearly a talented singer and maybe she should spend more time writing songs that are sweet and meaningful rather than things that will get a quick view. But then again, that’s all being famous is about these days isn’t it?

What did you think of MILF $?

Until next time.

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