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Is Instagram Becoming Snapchat?!

Instagram has had a new update. After the last update a lot of people, including myself, were annoyed. This update meant that photos and videos were no longer shown in a linear format and instead placed in an order Instagram thinks we’d be more interested in seeing. Now the newest update includes stories, basically the exact same stories as Snapchat has…

It’s well known that Snapchat has stories. These stories are your pictures and videos that delete themselves after 24 hours. A good little snippet into a person’s life. Recently they’ve also included stickers that add a little extra something to whatever you’re sharing. Now Instagram has basically the same thing. As well as its usual timeline Instagram now has a story feature that won’t show on your timeline, so you won’t be over sharing, but rather adds it into a little bubble at the top. People can watch these stories but only for 24 hours before it’s deleted…sound familiar? 

I am honestly so confused as to what Instagram is playing at. They’ve lost their unique selling point and have lost so many loyal customers because of it. Instagram needs to remember what they started as and stop having an identity crisis as none of these ideas are improving the app at all but rather driving people away. 

It’ll be interesting to see how people react when the new update finally comes out and whether it does become a good or bad idea. For me however, I’d rather stick to Snapchat. 

What do you think of Instagram’s new update? Until next time.

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