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RIP Vine

Vine is a video app that was created in 2012 and bought by Twitter. It featured the opportunity to make videos that only last 6 seconds and could include anything from singing to comedy to compilations of celebrities. It spawned a bunch of memes and ‘vine celebrities’ that became famous across the world.


Recently Vine has been axed by Twitter. There hasn’t been a reason as to why as of yet but clearly something wasn’t working with the app. Maybe the inclusion of stories to Instagram, videos and gifs to Twitter and Facebook gave it the heave ho.

Vine was an interesting app. It is amazing what sort of things people can create with just 6 seconds and how quickly things can blow up too. We’ve all heard of ‘Fresh Avocado‘ ‘Damn Daniel‘ and, my favourite, the Indian version of ‘Don’t Drop that Thun Thun‘.

It was a new style of creativity where you had to tell a whole story in a very short space of time. It made us rethink our time and, especially for us interest in the media and acting, what it takes to tell a story. Sometimes getting to the nitty gritty is the best thing to do.


But what about the ‘vine celebrities’ one of my favourites, Stuggy, in 2014 earn £2,000 a second! And you can imagine you’d get pretty well accustomed to that lifestyle. Now it’s back to the average job like the rest of us. Makes you wonder, all those YouTubers making millions off of that, what would happen if suddenly YouTUbe disappeared. That’d definitely be a shock to the system!

Although it seems strange to see Vine go I can’t blame it. I deleted the app months ago when I realised the videos were no longer enjoyable and more about ads and celebrity compilations, it seems the creativity dried up a bit. Whatever your opinion on Vine, everyone has had some experience with it, be it from the actual app or from Facebook videos or complications on YouTube, we’ve all got our favourite Vine, what’s yours?

What do you think of Vine being discontinued?

Until next time.

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