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The Purge: Anarchy Review

I’ve reviewed The Purge: Election Year. I avoided the original Purge (and for good reason) and now it’s time for The Purge: Anarchy. I’ll be honest, The Purge: Anarchy is what got me into film reviews in the first place. I went to see this movie with my friend and I was amazed at how good it was. I left the movie theatre and immediately said to her ‘I want to write an essay about that movie!’ and here is that essay!


The Purge: Anarchy follows a bunch of stories that become overlapped. The first is a woman and her daughter, Eva and Cali, who live in the poorer part of the city. They live with Eva’s father, Cali’s grandfather, who introduce us to a certain part of the purge. Rich people pay for poor people to come to their home and let them kill them, lovely right? Then there’s the divorcing couple Shane and Liz who end up in the middle of the purge because a group cut their brakes. Lastly is Sergeant, a man who is purging to get revenge for the death of his son who was hit by a drunk driver. These five people end up together and Sergeant takes pity on them as none of them belong on the streets. Eva and Cali end up on the streets because the government is killing the poorer and homeless people. They obviously fit this part.

As they travel through the city the government tracks them because of them not getting to kill the two women. They head to Eva’s friend’s house to sit it out but they end up killing each other over an affair.

The group who cut Shane and Liz’s tyres at the start find them and take them to a secret location where they are put up for auction. Whoever bids the most money gets to go into a paintball style arena and kill them. Sergeant being trained in guns is able to overpower them and get them to escape, however, during this Shane sadly dies.

In the end, Sergeant gets to the man who killed his son’s house but decides not to kill him. He leaves but is shot by the government man who has been chasing them the whole time. Eva shoots and kills this man and as his bodyguards go to kill them the horn sounds for the end of the purge. They all leave and Eva and Cali rush Sergeant to the hospital. The purge is over for another year.

If this isn’t enough story for you there’s also the NFFA, an organisation who are trying to bring an end to the purge. The main guy from this looks like Will I Am, this did make me laugh.


The Purge: Anarchy is an amazing movie as it touches on classism, the government and what extremes people will go to when all rules are stopped. Looking at how the poor are treated and how the rich are almost invincible from being touched is crazy. How the government is behind it all and how they’re happily killing off the poor is a scary and very possible concept. It’s not just a conspiracy, it’s a look into what could happen, such as the Hunger Games gave a similar look into a possible dystopian future.

In America they did try to cause a purge. Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as the movies. Instead, a giraffe was released from a zoo and a man raped a cat. How lovely. Well done America.

If you want to watch any Purge films I definitely recommend Anarchy and Election Year is good but not as good. Just please bypass the original, it’s a terrible film that should just be forgotten.

What did you think of The Purge: Anarchy?

Until next time.



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