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It’s A Wonderful Life Review

Taking it all the way back to 1946. It’s a Wonderful Life is a classic movie that may be a bit dated but still gives you that warm feeling around Christmas.


It’s a Wonderful Life follows the story of George who is down on his luck in life. He’s had to take over the family business, a venture he never really wanted to do, as he wants to travel the world and make the most of life. One evening it gets all too much for him and he contemplates suicide. This is the moment Clarence, an angel who hasn’t earned his wings yet, comes down to help George. He makes it so George was never born so George can see what life would be like without him. It turns out all the things George did good in his life, including saving people’s lives, has not happened and so the people he has helped are either in much worse states or are sadly dead. George realises that his life isn’t as bad as he once thought and wishes to be alive again. Clarence grants this wish and George returns to his family and Clarence finally gets to earn his wings.

Although some of the moments in this film is long outdated a lot of it is still relevant to now. Feeling like your life is pointless and going nowhere is a feeling many people go through and sometimes it can be hard to go on. This movie shows anyone really that without them in this world everything would be completely different. They add a special little spark to life and they touch so many people’s lives that if they weren’t alive it is impossible to say whether their lives would be better or worse.


This is a classic heartwarming movie that really makes you appreciate the people around you. It’s a classic too that is still being shown in cinemas now (a quick google search will prove that) which shows how well loved it still is so many years on.

If you haven’t seen It’s a Wonderful Life why not try it this Christmas? Maybe it’ll become a staple of your Christmas traditions, and maybe, maybe it’ll make you feel special too and show you how different life would be without you. Sometimes all we need is a little love, even if it is from a movie.

What do you think of It’s a Wonderful Life?

Until next time.

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