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No Naughty List Review

Well this is a controversial little advert now isn’t it.

In this advert Tesco tells us that there is no naughty list and then they go around a bunch of people who have done naughty things in the year, but it’s all okay, it’s Christmas! All is forgiven! But the things they talk about are all things that are to do with the Coronavirus and so for me that was a bit in bad taste, and while I find it kind of weird and wacky that they did that I also can’t quite believe they did.

I feel in some ways Coronavirus is the one thing that you can’t really take the mick with because its effected so many people’s lives. So to make almost light-hearted jokes of it I don’t agree with and as I’m writing this review I feel other people may disagree with me but that’s just how I feel. It was all the little things like ‘I bought too many loo rolls’ oh yes that’s hilarious but what about the people who were unable to get things that they needed because they’re only allowed out of the house once a week?

Santas naughty because he went on holiday this year which is tongue in cheek play with him delivering the presents all around the world, but what about other people that had their holidays cancelled and are still waiting for refunds on thousands of pounds?

Oh yes it’s so funny that while your children were stuck at home and couldn’t go to school you failed at teaching them basic things that now mean that when they go back to school they reverted back to nappies and not being able to use a knife and fork, oh yes so hilarious.

Maybe I’m being a Scrooge here and maybe I’m taking it all too seriously but for me the Coronavirus has changed my life in ways that I don’t even think I could fathom before 2020 and so to see an advert just play it cool and take the mick out of the whole situation just felt really wrong to me. But I’d love to know what you think so watch the advert here.

Until next time.

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