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Big Hero 6 Review

It took me far too long to watch this movie, and while it was weird being an American-Japanese hybrid, I did enjoy it although it didn’t make me cry.

Big Hero 6 follows a young lad called Hiro whose brother unfortunately dies in an explosion at their college. He wants to avenge his brother’s death when he finds out that his own science experiment that Hiro created is being used by a bad guy.

But Tadashi’s (Hiro’s brother) science experiment that he created before he died still works and this is a very soft marshmallow looking health advisor robot that helps you whenever you get a cut or a scrape or an injury and is able to use its many resources to help you with that pain.

The robot is called Baymax and he is absolutely adorable. He is so cute and almost seems toddler like with the way that he moves and acts. Everything to him is simplistic and he’s got one job to do and once he’s done that job it’s all good, but to get to doing that job is very cute and I love the way that he was animated and acted because you feel such a connection to his character.

But this is a superhero movie and Hiro teams up with five of his brother’s friends to stop the masked villain from making things even worse. To see superheroes done in a different way than the usual Marvel way was really interesting, and how each of the peoples’ personalities came into their suits and their powers was really fun to watch.

But, like I said at the start of this review, I didn’t cry when the emotional moment of this movie happened. Of course it was very sweet but in my cynical adult mind I still only saw Baymax as a robot. He had not become, to me anyway, a character with feelings and emotions like a human or animal would have. So while what happened to him was very sad and then the ending happened and it was all good again because it’s a Disney movie, it didn’t tug on my heartstrings too much because at the end of the day he is still a robot.

I understand the significance of Baymax with Hiro’s brother and Hiro being able to keep hold of some of his brother through this robot, but it just didn’t tug on my heartstrings as much as other Disney movies have recently.

Besides that I did enjoy this movie a lot. It was very fun to watch, Baymax is a brilliant character, he is absolutely hilarious and I would happily watch it again in the future. So I would definitely recommend if you have not seen it and I would love to know if you cried and whether I’m just a heartless stone cold person.

What did you think of Big Hero 6?

Until next time.

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