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Welcome to JD Street Review

I am definitely not the target audience for this advert but I can appreciate what it’s doing.

Welcome to JD Street follows a young lad who is basically going to JD to buy some new trainers. Along the way he bumps into many celebrities that are in this sort of target audience’s interest, mainly including rappers. We also see that every location that he goes by that is sporting different sporting wear like Nike Adidas etc. all start with a JD so you really can’t miss what shop this is plugging.

The whole point of this advert is brands, brands, brands and I guess that’s what JD sell and so that’s what they want to talk about. They want to entice people into their shop to buy these items by showing you what variety they have and it works well, it clearly understands its target demographic, understands what that demographic is looking for and wants and they’re able to present that to them.

However I don’t feel this advert was particularly Christmassy. The song wasn’t that Christmassy, the advert had some Christmas lights in it and some snow but that’s about it, really it just felt like a winter advert and not a Christmas one. There was no real talk of gifting or buying for someone else, it was simply a lad walking to the shop bumping into other celebrities that probably cost a lot to include.

I am definitely not the target audience of this advert but even I know when a Christmas advert is a Christmas advert and sadly JD, I’m glad you don’t have Rita Ora in it this year, but it’s still not one of your best.

Watch the advert here and let me know what you think.

Until next time.

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