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Murder Mystery Review

I am not the biggest fan of Adam Sandler but I didn’t mind him in this film.

Murder Mystery follows a couple who end up on a yacht when a wealthy gentleman invites them along, and they meet his family who include his father, who just before he is able to change his will is murdered. The two soon get wrapped up in this murder mystery and have to work out who did it, it’s very much Cluedo, but with a modern twist.

I didn’t mind this film as I quite like murder mystery stories, I like the whodunnits and working out the clues to find out who could have murdered these people and what motive they have too. It’s very much the old style but in a new pretty box and I really appreciated that, because it felt fresh and exciting, while also keeping the standard tropes that you know and love.

I definitely feel this is a movie that you could watch and pay attention to but still relax and enjoy as it’s quite lighthearted and easy. It’s not the most in-depth film but that’s okay, it’s not trying to be, but it is thoroughly entertaining and is one that I would watch again with other people. I would definitely want to dive into this genre more, because as the pieces unravel it’s really fun to put them together and work out who it was in the end.

I do find it funny and wonder whether the only reason Adam Sandler has a moustache in this film is because of the Poirot reference at the end. If it is that then that’s a lot of dedication to one little joke.

What do you think of Murder Mystery?

Until next time.

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