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Self/less Review

This movie was a mixed bag for me, it had some really good moments and then some underwhelming moments, but the ending made up for it.

In this film we follow an elderly businessman who is coming to the end of his life because of a disease he has. In this future world there is technology that can move the consciousness of this man into a new younger body, so he is still himself but in a new body that will carry on living a full life, basically giving people immortality and a bit like Get Out really if you think of it that way.

But as this man gets used to his new body he starts to discover things about this new body and begins to wonder where it came from, why it ended up in the lab it did, and how he got transferred into it. This unveils a dark web of secrecy and lies from the scientists that take random people and cause them to die prematurely so someone else can have their body.

I think the saddest moment was when one of the characters that we meet has a son and his son died but he was able to transfer his son into a new body and so he can continue to have a living, breathing child, yet he doesn’t realise that, that child that is in his son’s bedroom was someone else’s. It was someone else’s son that was taken from them and murdered basically to give life to a different child. They believed it was all done by test tubes and laboratories, but really it was bodysnatching.

I can’t say this was a movie that I would’ve watched off my own back because it’s not really my sort of thing, and I don’t think I would ever watch it again unless someone suggested watching it with them, but it was still an interesting concept and really gets you thinking about life and death and immortality. If we had these sorts of experiments would people take it up or would the guilt of what they have done be too much?

The ending really saved this movie for me. I thought it was really cleverly well done and really tied everything together, and so while I’m glad that I watched it, I probably wouldn’t watch it again. I would recommend at least one viewing of it just to experience it and to experience the ending because it was incredibly bittersweet and very heartwarming at the same time.

What do you think of Self/less?

Until next time.

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