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Get Out Review

Spoiler free!

Is there anything more scary than the people around you?


Get Out is a brilliant movie that brings a new genre to horror. The realistic genre. The genre that is full of real life horrors such as racism, hatred and everything hidden in Pandoras Box…basically.

Get Out is the story of a young couple who are mixed race. The girl, a white girl, wants her boyfriend to meet her family who are the personification of mayonnaise. They hold a garden party where everything seems a bit sinister. The white people are asking the lad weird questions and he realizes he’s the only black kiddie there until he sees another dressed up like a 1940s child (I mean really, what was that outfit?) The guy warns him to get out and he tries to with his girlfriend when things turn bad to worse. I won’t spoil it for you but when things hit the fan, they get crazy!


This movie is brilliant. I really enjoyed it and the only criticism I have is the random jump scares that didn’t add much to the movie and almost felt like they were thrown in because horror isn’t a horror without them. But with the kidnap at the beginning and the tension of the whole film as well as the brilliant storyline I felt they weren’t needed. I was on edge the entire time and as things were revealed and the plot twisted it really packed a punch.

The acting was unreal and the characters were very engaging, while being quite cringy which you expect from white people not being able to make small talk with someone they aren’t used to being around. The mention of Tiger Woods and Obama added a touch of humour but also added to the unnerving feeling that something wasn’t right.

I definitely recommend this movie. I didn’t give too much away on purpose because I want you to go watch it. It’s a horror comedy which is very hard to pull off but the writers and directors did a brilliant job in making the two genres mesh very well.

I look forward to seeing what other movies these directors can bring forth, and I hope they are just as good as this one.

What do you think of Get Out?

Until next time.


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