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Bridget Jones’s Baby Review

After watching the first two films many moons ago I felt it was finally time to watch the new one, and while it wasn’t perfect, it was still quite fun.

Bridget Jones returns in the third instalment of her story where Hugh Grant’s character has unfortunately passed away, which was very weird to be honest, and we see her reconnect with Colin Firth once again as she has in all the other films. But we can’t just have a happy ending for Mark (Colin Firth) and Bridget, we need some drama, and thus Hugh Grant 2.0 turns up in a millionaire businessman called Jack.

Bridget still being a singleton at 43 decides to explore her sexual prowess and sleeps with both these men within two weeks of each other and then finds out that she is pregnant with no idea who the father is. There is the usual hilarity with Bridget being stuck in a love triangle with these two men but this time it’s a more serious matter because a baby is involved.

I feel the one thing that let this movie down for me against the other two was that Hugh Grant was not part of it. The love triangle had always been the three of them and to have him not involved for whatever reasons for the actor, it felt like maybe it shouldn’t have been done, and they should’ve waited until he was ready to do the film. Jack was a great character, he was really interesting and was basically Hugh Grant with a bit more of a softer side, but he did not replace him, and while he did make a good extra character I would’ve still preferred Hugh Grant to come back.

As a childless woman being in my mid 20s, while I enjoyed this film as a brilliant girly romcom, I did not connect with it as much as I feel other people would who have gone through having children and being able to sympathise and empathise with Bridget and her character and how everything is changing for her. It was a lovely story and I really enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong, but I do feel that mothers will connect with it a lot better than I would and maybe when I have my first child I can rewatch it again and really appreciate it more for what it is talking about.

This is a great film that I think is a perfect rainy day comedy to get through darker months and enjoy a bit of sunshine. It’s very cute and it’s the perfect ending to the trilogy of Bridget Jones and her story, and this is one of those trilogies that you could easily binge watch throughout the day with takeout and wine and have a fabulous time.

What do you think of Bridget Jones’s Baby?

Until next time.

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