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The Good Place Season 4 Review

Despite really enjoying this show I definitely feel this was the right ending for it.

In season four we finally see the four main characters make their way to the good place after changing up what heaven and hell means in this universe, but the good place isn’t all it seems.

Can you imagine constantly having everything you could ever want? Where you have the chance to do whatever you want, to eat whatever you want to eat, and be whoever you want to be? Soon you run out of things that bring you joy and excitement and for me especially who recently got the chance to pursue everything I wanted and then not doing it I can see why you would end up getting bored, especially if you’re stuck there for eternity.

In this good place they create a door where if you walk through the door you end up dissolving into space dust and your life is over forever, it’s the ultimate ending to your existence and this also gives you a way out of leaving the good place and moving on.

I really enjoyed this inclusion because it gave some solace to what was happening. Of course all these people are already dead, but to know that there is a point where even the dead decide that they want to be at peace and are done with having everything they could ever want is quite calming. This is definitely a show to watch if you do have some issues with life and death and coming to terms with your own mortality because it makes you feel safe knowing that regardless of what happens to you, there will be a time where you will be at true peace.

I feel this was a good ending to the show because I did feel as it continued it started to get a bit repetitive and lost its appeal in some ways. Of course it always bought you into new situations and funny events, but at the end of the day, it was the same thing again and again and there’s only so many times you can watch that and still enjoy it.

I really recommend the show as a whole because it is so easy to watch with almost every episode being only half an hour long you can get through it quickly. It has a comedic and light-hearted feel to it that really mixes well with the scariness of death and the afterlife.

What do you think of The Good Place? Do you think it should’ve ended how it did?

Until next time.

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