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The Unholy Review

Unfortunately, thanks to Sam Smith, while I watched this film all I could think about was their song.

The Unholy follows a journalist who isn’t the best at his job and has been noted to fabricate lies to get stories published. One day he is sent to a farm where people have been messing with the cows and he finds a doll, unbeknownst to him this doll contains the spirit of a witch from many years ago and when he decides to break it to make the news story more exciting, he unleashes her dark powers.

The woman that was killed was called Mary and her spirit takes over a young girl called Alice. Alice has a hearing impairment disability and from being able to connect to this Mary, not the Virgin Mary, she is able to hear and speak once again and can push these miracles onto other people in her community too. However it comes to light that this evil Mary has dark intentions for Alice and the whole community, and anyone who stands in her way, her ghastly figure kills them.

It’s a very simple religious story that we’ve all seen before and follows a lot of the same traits, including creepy women in veils, statues that are covered in white sheets that are then shown to not be a statue, and creepy demonic figures. Honestly this film brings nothing new to the table of religious horror and a lot of the scares within it are just jump scares and loud noises that yes, did make me jump, but not because they were scary, because they were surprising.

I found the ending to this film lacklustre as well and really none of the characters were exciting, enjoyable or interesting. I really wasn’t rooting for any of them and didn’t care whether evil Mary killed them off or not. It’s a shame because if it bought something new to the table of religious horror then it could be a really good film, but unfortunately it decided to go down the usual tropes and cliches that we have seen over and over again and thus made it very forgettable.

This film seems to be popular on Netflix and so that’s why I decided to watch it, but I would definitely not waste my time with it again. I’m sure there are plenty of better, more classic religious horror movies out there to enjoy, and this is not one of them. The only scary parts were the musical cues, which were only there to scare you because clearly even the people creating it knew that the visuals didn’t hold up enough to scare the audience, it’s a cheap trick that I absolutely hate and I wish producers and creators of horror films would take more time and effort to actually make something scary, rather than banking on a loud noise to be enough.

What do you think of The Unholy?

Until next time.

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