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Prison Break

Spoilers ahead.

Recently, it has come to a lot of peoples’ attentions that Prison Break is returning. Prison Break originally ran for four seasons between 2005 and 2009 ending because the writers thought they had written all the ideas they could. Clearly this was not the case as there will be a new season out soon! Thanks to Wentworth Miller’s performance in Legends of Tomorrow (review of that here) I decided to start watching Prison Break and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Prison Break’s first season followed Lincoln, one of the main characters, being sentenced to death for the murder of the vice president’s brother, a crime he knows he didn’t commit. His brother, Michael, gets himself sent to the same prison with some very interesting tattoos that help aid in their escape before Lincoln is killed. Along the way they meet some interesting characters, some of which continue into the other seasons, and the lovely Sara who along the way creates a much closer relationship with Michael than what she should being a doctor to the inmates.

The second season follows the group as they have escaped prison and where they go next. Sara and Michael’s relationship grows stronger as she continues to help the brothers escape the police. The story’s split off into smaller storylines as each of the characters’ make their own way in the world. This season also delves into the other side of the story including the F.B.I and the government.


Season 3 sees Michael trapped in a Mexican prison that has become a community thanks to the lack of guards. Michael has to work with some of the people from his past to try and escape and be reunited with his brother and Sara again. This also introduces the new character of James Whistler, an oddball with a lot of history in the wrong areas.

And finally we come onto the last season. This follows the boys as they try to take down the General that has been the mastermind behind the whole ordeal. They also go after an interesting object called Scylla that could change the future forever. This also ends the show as a whole which, in my opinion, felt a little rushed.


Honestly, I enjoyed Prison Break up until the last season because it felt like it had lost it’s meaning. Yes the characters and stuff was still there but the whole ‘prison break’ side had been erased. It felt like just another action show and there’s already enough of them out there. Seeing the families and friends change and grow throughout the seasons is very interesting and definitely makes watching it so much more enjoyable. Now there will be a new season I definitely recommend this show. I have this thing where I hate starting new shows that have already ended (the reason why I’ve never seen Breaking Bad or Lost) but this is different. Now it’s been renewed I definitely see why, the show is amazing and has so many great storylines and characters! I’m just hoping that the new season will be good and they won’t end up as just another crime/action drama again.

Have you seen Prison Break? What did you think?

Until next time.


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