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Live Action Winnie the Pooh?!

Now everyone knows Winnie the Pooh. He is that cuddly, cute, little bear that we loved in our childhoods. Everyone had their favourite character (mine was Eeyore because I believed he deserved love too), but, what if I told you they were making a live action reboot? Wait, how would that even work?


Apparently the storyline will follow a now adult Christopher Robin and his relationship with Winnie the Pooh and how his life has changed as he has grown. One thing that I don’t believe to be true but has been rumoured is that the movie will have similarities to Ted. More to do with having a best friend as a bear and less to do with all the crude jokes.

This is just another live action remake that has come from the minds of Disney recently, the others include Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, The Lion King and Aladdin to name a few.

But what do I think of all this? Well I still stand by my thought that Disney is running out of ideas. They know how popular their older movies were and want to bring these to a new and younger audience. The issue I have with some of the movies, especially Beauty and the Beast and *rumoured* Snow White is that the stories are a bit outdated. A Stockholm-syndrome Beauty and a good housewife Snow White isn’t really the ‘heroes’ I think this generation needs. Bring out more Elsas and Annas and Meridas, now they had goals, dreams, ambitions and would not let anyone stand in their way.


Another question, that is not too dissimilar from the image above is, how will it look? I think I love Winnie the Pooh so much because of his design. He’s a cute little cartoon bear with a lot of lumps and bumps. Same with the other characters, they’re all so cute and childlike. I’m thinking it’ll most likely be a CGI film but will Winnie the Pooh and friends look right in 3D? In my opinion I’m not so sure. The only thing we can be almost certain on is that Christopher Robin will be a human and not CGI, something that The Lion King doesn’t have and another reason I don’t believe that one should be remade.

Winnie the Pooh was one of those characters that was timeless so I see a reboot a bit pointless. Everyone I know of all ages loves him so Disney, just please, please don’t ruin him!

What do you think of a live action Winnie the Pooh?

Until next time.

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