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Black Mirror Season Four Review

Black Mirror has taken the world by storm, literally, I don’t think I know a person who doesn’t know about it. Yet despite all the hype, season three is still definitely my favourite. 

USS Callister


This was pretty sick but at the same time not that bad? A nerd who is underappreciated in his job takes people’s DNA and re-creates them in a video game for him to exploit. It’s not a sick thing though, he simple uses them as his crew in a Star Trek sort of simulation. They however, despite not being real, want to escape. 

I see this happening. This could easily become a real thing, I mean VR is huge already how much longer will it take before we can literally enter the games ourselves? This was a brilliant start to the season and I would definitely buy this game if it was real. 



This was horrible. Such a sad story of overprotective parenting and the inability to stop.

A woman, after nearly losing her daughter as a child places a chip into her brain where she can see what she can and will always have a track on her. This also includes blocking things from the child’s view that may be stressful or harmful to her. Things take a turn though when the mother starts using it on her now fifteen year old daughter and does not like what she is seeing.

It’s a complete invasion of privacy and yes it is good to be able to care for your children but at the same time is this really needed? It’s lazy parenting in my eyes. In my whole life, and before me, people have cared for their children and very few disappear or go missing. With this all the actual work of caring for your child is taken out. Woopee, they can go play on the swing set and I can stalk people on Facebook instead of actually keeping an eye out. An absolutely horrific concept that I am totally against. Oh, and that girl was definitely not 15, come on now.



This was absolutely fantastic!

A woman’s past comes back to haunt her after an accident happens and her memories must be used to put the puzzle together.

I absolutely loved the memory machine. To think that this would take away most of the bias in these cases as you can’t truly distort your memory, as was shown with this woman, and how it can be used on so many different beings was brilliant. 

The ending was absolutely fantastic. The fact that they were able to use the machine on something other than a human blew me away and added so much more to the story. It started off a bit naff but once the ball started rolling it blew me away.

Hang The DJ


I’ll be honest, I didn’t completely get this one and the ending still confuses me a lot. 

A new dating app pairs people together for a certain amount of time dependant on how well matched they are until their ultimate match is found and they stay together forever. 

We follow two people who are paired together as their first pairing and then find ways back to each other time and time again. It’s cute and shows that we shouldn’t rely on technology to tell us what our hearts already know. It’s sweet and the ending was good.

Still don’t get it though. 



Eh. I mean it was OK but definitely forgettable. 

In a dystopian future a woman has to fight against killer robot dogs to be able to return items to her friends.

What I didn’t like was there was no backstory, no rhyme or reason as to why these dogs were there and what the situation was. I would love a bit of backstory just to iron things out as I didn’t find the characters very interesting either.

 I did love the idea of putting myself in her shoes though. Working out what I’d do in that situation and, to be honest, I’d probably be dead in the first five minutes.

There’s definitely better Black Mirror episodes out there. 

Black Museum


This, I think, was the one everyone waited for and it did not disappoint!

 A woman enters a museum to see artifacts that are kept there, but are her intentions so pure?

What I loved was the actual artifacts and the stories behind them. The fact you could put a person’s self in your brain to keep them alive was ridiculous and then to transfer that conscious into a teddy bear when you’re sick of hearing their voice all the time. It’s horrific and literal torture and something I can imagine people doing. Starts off in their best interests and slowly becomes selfish overtime. 

Then there’s the hologram that you can torture. What a sadistic idea! But do holograms really have the same rights as the rest of us? It’s a horrific thing but is it better to do it to him then it is to an actual human? To be honest I don’t think we should be electrocuting anyone. 

I was expecting more of a twist with this one but looking at the overall story it was an enjoyable watch.

What was your favourite episode from season four? 

Until next time.


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