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Saw 6 Review

Ok, we’re deep into the hole now, only a couple more to go!


Saw 6 follows a man called William who’s company messed John about with his insurance once he became sick. As well as Hoffmanwho must complete the game left to him by John. Alongside this the FBI are starting to realise that Hoffman is in fact the new jigsaw killer and they must stop him before it’s too late.

This is the first Saw movie that I can remember that I could hardly watch any of the traps. This movie completely changes its primary focus from the storyline to the actual gore and horror. There were a lot of innocent people’s lives at stake here too which made it very hard to watch and honestly really made you think about what you would do in that situation.

Another thing that struck me with this movie was the awkwardness of the victim. William is put into the trap because he is a terrible person and has hurt a lot of people, but, he’s also going through a lot of traumatic situations within the traps and you can’t help but feel sorry for him. Even in the end when he eventually dies it’s so hard to watch because you’ve followed this character throughout the entire movie and suddenly they’re just gone.

But I don’t blame the people who killed him. He did horrible things and completely ruined their lives. They were angry and upset and I get that, I’m sure plenty of people who were faced with the same or similar pain would’ve also gone down the route that they did. But I do wonder what would’ve happened if they didn’t? Would they all just stand around awkwardly waiting to be set free? Now that would’ve been pretty funny.


Overall this was one of the harder Saw movies for me to watch because it was so violent and bloody. It was an ok movie, nothing on the original, but there have been worse.

Can’t lie though, I miss John. He was a fantastic character and a bit meh in the flashbacks.

What did you think of Saw 6?

Until next time.

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