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Rocketman Review

Everyone I know has been comparing this film to Bohemian Rhapsody, so here’s my take, slower story but way better filmmaking.


Rocketman is the story of Elton John’s life from childhood all the way to his time in rehab. At the end the credits update the audience to where Elton is now which is nice seeing as he’s clearly been through a lot and has come out the otherside into better things.

I don’t really know much about Elton John bar that one Vicar of Dibley episode and so watching this movie really was an eye opening experience. From having the faith in himself to be a star while everyone around him pushed him down, to his friendship with Bernie, his what seems to be utterly horrific boyfriend/manager John Reid, and his drug and alcohol abuse it was amazing to see what Elton had gone through.

It was also incredibly motivational and inspiring. Showing that if you have faith in yourself and just keep going things will work out in the end, whether that means becoming a huge star or just finding love.

'Rocketman' Film - 2019

The one part of this movie that I did find jarring was the sudden transition into song. It didn’t feel natural and felt a bit odd at times and pulled me away from the story. Of course some songs added more depth to the action that was happening on screen, especially in the later parts of the movie, but especially at the beginning it felt a bit odd.

Overall this movie was enjoyable to watch and certainly made me appreciate all of Elton John’s work and even introduced me to some songs that I enjoy but never realised was his!

This is one movie that I definitely recommend seeing.

What did you think of Rocketman?

Until next time.

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