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The Stranger Review

Now this was a whirlwind of a series!

If you love BBC dramas you’ll love this! Set in a cul de sac in England our main character is told by a stranger that his wife faked their last pregnancy just to keep him around. While this is a huge rumour to spread it turns out it’s true and things take a dark turn when his wife then goes missing. Adam, the husband, wants to obviously find out where his wife is, who this stranger is, and what the hell is going on!

The thing with this show is that there is always something going on, some of it can be a bit far fetched but it all ties together in a neat little bow at the end, but still throws some curve balls at you along the way.

What I really enjoyed about this show is there are a lot of storylines happening. From the stranger revealing people’s secrets, to a drug fuelled party and the consequences of that, to Adam’s legal battle in trying to let an elderly man keep his home…it all ties together well and isn’t too obvious how or why it will all work together in the end.

This is definitely a show you’ll love if you like thrillers and dramas, and one you could easily binge watch over a few days. With each episode more and more is revealed and you will quickly become hooked and want to know what’s going on! And once it’s revealed? Well you’ll have to let me know what you think! But personally, I quite enjoyed this series and would definitely suggest it to others.

It definitely doesn’t need a second series however so I do hope it stays as it is.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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