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Corpse Bride Review

I remember when this movie first came out and my parents went to see it at the cinema and I was so jealous – now I’ve finally got to watch it, so what do I think?

Corpse Bride is an animated movie by Tim Burton so you know it’s going to be beautifully made and wonderfully Gothic. Victor is the main character who is marrying a woman called Victoria through an arranged marriage, mainly because of money and status. Accidentally, however, when Victor is practising his vows he places the ring on a corpse’s finger and she becomes his wife.

One thing I loved about this movie was not only how gorgeous it looked but how great it sounded too. The music in it was haunting and also quite deep and meaningful, especially the Corpse Bride’s song, and that’s the sort of stuff I love from a good musical movie.

As expected, the atmosphere, animation, and characters were all brilliant and while it was quite a Gothic movie it did have some very funny moments and some little quips that you could easily miss on first viewing. I especially think, if you’re looking for a Halloween style movie but aren’t the fan of horror than this is definitely one I would recommend.

I expected this movie to be good and thankfully I was not disappointed. I would not hesitate to watch it again and I may have already spent a few days listening wistfully to the soundtrack.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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