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Life of the Party Review

I went into this movie thinking I was going to hate it but in fact I really enjoyed it.

Life of the Party follows a woman who has just dropped her daughter off at college and is surprised by her husband with a sudden divorce, so this woman decides, because she dropped out of college when she first got pregnant with her daughter she would go back now to college with her daughter…yes it’s a bit strange.

This movie is a comedy and I did actually find it quite funny. I didn’t think I would because these sorts of American comedies are usually quite lowbrow, but this one actually had quite a few good funny moments and the story was actually quite enjoyable.

It also gave you that lovely mother/daughter storyline and showed that you’re never too old to have fun and enjoy yourself and you shouldn’t take life so seriously. Plus, if you want to achieve things in life, there is no expiration date on that. If you want to go to college, if you want to learn a new skill or start a new job, you can do that at any age and it’s okay.

Although the one criticism I have about this movie is the ending. It just seemed too abrupt and just ended and I felt that there was more to come from it. It really took me away from this world that I had begun to believe in and it just felt a bit strange and very quick. It almost seemed like the directors and writers didn’t know where to go with the story once graduation happened and so they just nipped it in the bud right there where as I feel lots of things were left open ended and it would’ve been nice to see these things all wrapped up.

If you like comedies I definitely recommend this movie, or if you want to film that’s just an easy watch then I also recommend it. It is funny and while the ending did surprise me quite a bit, the actual movie was a joy to watch and if I was with my friends I would watch it again.

What do you think of Life of the Party?

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