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That’s an Asda Price Christmas Review

Short and sweet but they definitely made me want to try that Brussel sprout cake.

Unlike Amazon that I felt went a bit too hard on the 2020 situation, this nodded to the fact that Christmas is going to be different this year but still let you know that you can still have all the fun and frolics you would normally have just with unfortunately less people.

It gave you that hope and promise that they are still here for you and they still have all the usual Christmas food they normally do and will still be able to give you your perfect Christmas meals. You’ve just got to provide the people that you want to be there.

The advert was simple but I think it really did well for what it was trying to do. I shop at Asda anyway but watching this made me quite excited for the Christmas food that is to come and kept my hopes up that, yes Christmas is going to be different this year, but we can still make the most of it and that’s what really matters.

Watch the advert here and let me know what you think.

Until next time.

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