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The Woman in the Window Review

This house was absolutely incredible to look at, unfortunately the fight scene was not.

The Woman in the Window follows a woman who went through a tragedy that ended up with her husband and her daughter passing away, and is now confined to her home due to fear of the outside world.

A new family moves in across the street, and one night she sees from her window, the woman in the family being murdered. Now I clocked onto this very early, but you don’t actually see who murdered her, so with all the speculation against a certain character you almost know there’s going to a twist and it’s not going to be them.

Of course because of how this woman is, her tragic past, and apparently the fact that she owns a cat makes her crazy, the police don’t believe her. Especially as it seems the family that live opposite are quite prestigious, the husband seems very proper and very well educated, and so her ramblings of saying something that may or may not have happened do not hold up against him and his power.

Was this movie good for the most part? Yes. I really enjoyed the mystery side of it, the uncovering of clues, and working out whether what we saw as audience members were real or not. There were a lot of moments where scenes would happen and then the main character would wake up from being asleep, so you wonder whether she dreamt it or whether it was real, and seeing those parts being pulled away from one another and things being revealed was really interesting to watch and definitely kept me engaged up until the ending.

In the end we find out what really happened to this woman and it’s not what you expect. Then a big fight scene happens between the murderer and the woman in the window and this just came off a bit comic to me. The rest of the movie was so slow and methodical and had peaks and troughs to it, and you really got engulfed in the story, whereas this fight scene just felt a bit out of place and a bit rushed too.

I was quite surprised at how abruptly this movie ended. It was like ‘ah this woman has been murdered, you’re crazy, no I’m not here’s proof, I’m going to die, no wait I lived and defeated the evil, and now I’m moving out because I’m no longer scared of the outside world’ it just felt too sudden and I would’ve liked it to keep that same pace that it had earlier on.

I would recommend this movie because it is beautifully shot and reminds me of I’m Thinking of Ending Things, but the fight at the end does ruin it for me. I probably wouldn’t watch it again but it’s definitely piqued my interest in these sort of films that are more about mystery and excitement and unravelling things rather than straight horror/thrillers. Another great film is Premonition which I highly recommend you watch if you enjoyed this one.

What did you think of The Woman in the Window?

Until next time.

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