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Wedding Season Review

This is not my usual movie type that I would watch, however I happily watched it over a friend’s shoulder when they were watching it one morning, and I understand why people would like it. But, as the cynic I am, it does come across as the same cookie-cutter cliche that we have seen from all other romantic movies, just packaged up in a different box. But does that make it bad?

Wedding Season follows Asha, a woman who has big dreams for her life including making her own career for herself, not having to rely on anyone else and having a lot of 21st-century hobbies, many of which her traditional family would not approve of. She is constantly pressured during wedding season to find a husband and so decides the only way to keep her family quiet is to date a friend and former lover, Ravi, throughout the season just to keep everyone happy. It’s the old we’re only friends we’re never going to fall in love, oh no we’ve fallen in love trope that we’ve seen many times before.

As the film continues of course the two main characters start to develop feelings for one another when a bombshell is dropped when it turns out that what Ravi has told Asha about his life is not true. She soon realises that she cannot trust him and that is her biggest issue in finding someone to love and why she is so independent, but of course in the end they come back together and it’s all great and everything works out for the best.

If you enjoy standard romcoms that have the usual cookie-cutter storyline then you will enjoy this. I’m not saying it’s a bad film it is just very cliche and, while it does have some funny moments and the characters are very fun to watch, the actual storyline is nothing new. So if you enjoy simple romcoms than you may very well enjoy this, however if you want something that breaks the mould this is definitely not that.

I won’t be watching this film again, I did enjoy it but I do feel it is underwhelming and easily forgettable. It brings nothing new to the table of romantic comedies, and while I enjoy the fact that it wasn’t the usual whitewashed cast that we would see from other films, it was the fact that the storyline was something we’ve seen before that made it unappealing. I definitely think the romcom genre needs to be mixed up a bit to make it not become stale or only appeal for one type of audience.

What did you think of Wedding Season?

Until next time.

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