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The Rugrats Movie Review

Being a 90s baby I was absolutely obsessed with the Rugrats so going back and watching this movie as an adult is thankfully still a very enjoyable experience.

DiDi is pregnant with little baby Dil (and only now do I realise that his name is literally dill pickle which is hilarious) and Tommy has to get used to now being the big brother.

Thus ensues a whole storyline about how the kids get lost in the wilderness on a raptor toy truck that Tommy and Dil’s dad made and Angelica is, of course, along for the ride as they stole her dear dolly, Cindy.

This movie was really fun to watch especially as an adult because you understood all of the adult jokes hidden in the show. There were a lot of funny little quips in these moments that as a child could easily be missed, but watching it as an adult, you can pick it up and think oh that was actually very clever.

And it was also very sweet watching this as an adult looking at the children and how simple they were and how they got words wrong with certain things, and watching Tommy and Dil’s relationship grow and blossom into a brotherly love, I won’t lie, can make you a bit broody.

If you haven’t watched this movie for years I really recommend it, especially if the last time you watched it was as a child, because now you’re older the jokes that the adults make will make so much more sense to you. You will find new little gems in this movie that you would’ve never seen before, and while it’s a simple tale and very easy to watch it’s still enjoyable, and while the Rugrats and the Wild Thornberry’s movie is and will always be my favourite this was certainly a good Rugrats movie too.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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