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How To Get Rich Review

In this day and age we are constantly being told that we need to save money to be able to live, yet no one ever seems to have a reasonable solution for the cost of living crisis and what we’re going through, so to watch this show and gain lots of insightful tips into how you can become more financially free was really fascinating despite it being set in America.

Ramit Sethi is the host of this show and has written a book and conducts a podcast where he helps real life people get rich and get out of their money worries. This show is simply an extension of that where Ramit visits many different people in many different circumstances and explains to them what they can do to save money and be more financially savvy.

Of course this show being set in America means that student loans are a much bigger part in it than what we would experience here in the UK, but that doesn’t mean this show is a write-off and has no place for other countries that don’t have loans looming over their heads. In this show we speak to many different people including a woman who cannot stop spending her money, a man who has recently won a game show so came into a lot of money and doesn’t know how to handle it, and a woman who bought a condo but has to come to terms with the fact that it’s not all sunshine and roses and having the option of hot water is more important than her pride.

Each person is different and you can see from each of these people how Ramit gives them different information to help them, and so I think even if you can’t completely align yourself with anyone on this show you can definitely find and see ways that you can fit into their shoes too, whether it’s living pay check to pay check or whether all you do is spend money on materialistic items and don’t plan for the future, or even if you think you’re completely financially savvy but you’re not quite where you want to be yet.

What I love about this show is that Ramit talks about being rich and how rich means different things to different people, and so while I watched the show I did think about what rich meant to me and what I could do in my life to make myself more financially free, and it was really informative and enjoyable at the same time.

It was lovely to see these people go from constantly stressing and worrying about their financial situations to suddenly realising that the power was in them the whole time, they just had to see it from a different lens. The only thing that I found hard with Ramit was the fact that he would recommend people simply earn more money to live the lifestyle they want, which is fair enough but it’s very surface level and very obsolete when people may not be able to earn more money or they may not be able to get a promotion or raise. So I think take it with a pinch of salt but a lot of the information that is shared is very valuable and it’s definitely something I will go on to think about and ponder over as the next seasons of my life begin.

What do you think of How to Get Rich?

Until next time.

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