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Freaky Review

Slasher horrors are my favourite of the genre because they are so iconic in what they do and also rooted in some logical truth with the fact that it could actually happen to you, and isn’t a complete work of fiction. So when films are able to find new ways to spin the genre that always excites me because it keeps it feeling new and fresh, and much like Happy Death Day, this film did an excellent job at having an old genre feel new again.

Freaky follows a teenage girl called Millie who is attacked one night by a serial killer known as The Butcher, because of the way Millie is attacked and the instrument that is used to stab her, her body switches with The Butcher’s and they have 24 hours to switch back.

This film is a horror comedy and it really leans in to the comedy aspects well because you do have that excitement and fear of a serial killer roaming your local area, but then to see how things get twisted and turned on their heads with the body switch is absolutely fantastic because it dissipates some of that fear and adds a huge level of comedic feeling to it that keeps you engaged and enjoying what you’re seeing.

I think the actors in this film do a fantastic job and they all have brilliant characteristics and backstories that make you feel for them, especially Millie and her family. And the scene where The Butcher, with Millie’s conscience, is talking to Millie’s mother about her husband’s death and how that has affected her and the family dynamic. But also we get to see how The Butcher takes over Millie’s body too and how even though they lean into the they’re the bad guy I’m a good guy arguments that we see in all body snatcher films they don’t lean on it too heavily and you’re able to tell who is who just by how they present themselves on screen.

I think this film is perfect for anyone who enjoys horror but isn’t a huge fan of all the scares. I think there are many films out there that really walk the line between still being a horror and still being quite scary but also having enough comedy elements to it that make you feel at ease, and this film joined the long list of other films that have done that brilliantly because it is such a joy to watch.

I definitely recommend this film and I think it’s perfect for any night where you want to watch something a bit more scary but also want to get a good night sleep after, and I’m very excited to see what comes out of this slasher horror comedy genre next.

What do you think of Freaky?

Until next time.

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