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Black Mirror Season One Review

Black Mirror is one of those shows that just blows your mind every time you watch it! I definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it as it is so smart and really mirrors what is happening in real life. I am going to look into each episode of Season One individually and explain why you need to watch it!


Episode one: The National Anthem.

This episode was fantastic. Basically a princess is kidnapped and the only way the kidnappers will release her alive is if the Prime Minster has relations with a pig (that’s the only way I’m describing it!) and note this came out years before the news on David Cameron. This episode was brilliant because it really shows you what the UK is like. The princess is released earlier than the deadline but because everyone was at home watching the Prime Minister, um, ‘get busy’ with a pig no one found her until it was too late and the deed was done. That is the perfect example of British life and definitely something we would do. It’s disgusting in one way but also, why would you not look? It’s like going past a car crash, you know it’s horrific but you have to take a peek anyway. This started the whole show on a high for me and I found it impossible to stop watching from here on in.



Episode two: Fifteen Million Merits.

This was different. Definitely one you could interpret in many different ways. I took it as we are all slaves to the system. In this people ride bikes and live in almost shelters where they save up credits to be able to show off on a contest show much like X Factor. I saw it as we are slaves. Working towards an end goal which we may not get anything out of but the rich get richer and the poor stay poor. We all want our fifteen minutes of fame and we work so hard to get there to not really get anything out of it. Basically: stop watch competition shows, they’re all liars and bad for your mental health. After all, it was Just Jack who stated: Why’d you want to go and put stars in their eyes?


Episode three: The Entire History of You.

I absolutely love this episode! It is incredibly clever and really makes you wonder what you would do in the situation. People have chips in their brain where they can look over and watch and delete their memories. This is great for the good times and sharing stories but it can also be used for spitefulness, and hatred and can also reveal some dark secrets including cheating, kids that may or may not be yours and things you’d much rather forget. This is what happens in this episode and it is incredibly hard hitting. These memories can be used for good and bad and maybe it’s better if we can’t see what really happened. Yes it would help end a lot of arguments but would also be overused and could easily cause a lot of complex emotions. I know I’ve said in arguments before ‘I know what I said and if I could I’d take you back in time and show you!’ which is obviously not possible. Now, if I could do it, do you really think that’d be a good thing?

The first season may be my favourite because it really made me think. It made me look at myself and what I would do in those situations and from what I could tell from what happened with the characters I probably would have made the wrong decision time and time again. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate.

What is your favourite episode from the first season?

Until next time.



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