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Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed Review

This is a very old TV show but interesting nonetheless. It’s definitely one of those things you find on Netflix when you’ve literally exhausted all other options. I enjoy it, and if you’re into theories and magic, I think you will too.


The show follows a magician who keeps his identity hidden because ‘his colleagues don’t like the fact he’s giving away all their secrets’ (I honestly think that’s all made up to add a little controversy) and he goes around and shows the audience maybe 4 or 5 different tricks each episode. First we get to see it as we would at an actual show just without all the effects and lights and then we get to see how it’s really done. How he really sawed that woman in half or how he really made an elephant disappear. It’s quite interesting to watch and goes from the big ridiculous tricks to the small tricks that you could see people doing on the streets of your hometown.

 This may sound petty but my biggest issue with this show is they change the magician in the second season and he’s just not as good. He’s much more theatrical and over the top and a bit stuck up if you ask me. He also seems much creepier with his assistants.


Oh and don’t get me started on the assistants! They’re all women (because men have to be the star of the show!) and the voice over guy is incredibly seedy and creepy! This show began in 1997 so it’s kind of expected but that doesn’t make it any easier to listen to. Take it all with a pinch of salt and you may enjoy it more. 

This show is fantastic to jump in and out of at random and to watch when there’s nothing else on but it does get a bit repetitive so don’t binge watch it or your head will be spinning with magic tricks!

Give it a go, it may not be your thing but you may also be surprised. 

What do you think of Breaking the Magician’s Code?

Until next time.



  1. I remember when that first aired. It was such a bug deal. It was supposed to ruin Magic forever. That was 90’s Fox for ya though. Always trying to one up everyone on the seediness factor.


  2. Exactly, they changed the magician illusionist and nobody talks about the change of magician illusionist! It was a blond magician, then the magician changed to a dark haired magician (I think magician illusionist Val Valentino). Actually I preferred the blond magician, but does anyone know who that magician was? Probably Penn and Teller know who that magician illusionist was. Maybe it wasn’t even a real magician or illusionist, but only an actor playing the part of a magician for the experience of the audience watching the magic.


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