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The VVitch Review

This was an awkward one for me. For starters, people have told me they loved it, others have said it was awful. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m an atheist or because I’m too used to the cliche jump scare horror movies but I just found this one a bit boring.


The VVitch is a film about a family in the 17th century who are exiled from their community. They go to live on a patch of land with their farm animals and corn just on the edge of a wood. These people are devout Christians so believe everything is God’s work and that even their newborn baby could be a sinner.

Things begin to go wrong when a witch steals their baby and washes herself in it’s flesh (yeah just a bit weird). From then on their other son dies, the twins become demon children and their oldest daughter becomes a witch. Hashtag 17th century problems. All this is centered around a goat called Black Phillip and a demon rabbit. Some have speculated that these animals are actually the witches and because of their powers they can transform themselves into animals.

I get why people enjoy this movie because it does have a lot of tense moments and watching the family in despair and completely overpowered is pretty scary. The easiest way to connect is to put yourselves in their shoes, but I find that hard to do as I do not believe in God.

This family believe their baby was taken because he was a sinner. Their son believes he will be taken to Jesus when he dies and obviously they scorn their daughter because they believe she is the devil. It’s all far fetched and hard to relate to. How could any father allow his daughter to take the blame for something he did wrong then still believe she is a witch and the devil even when there is no proof?


Getting past all the religious stuff this movie, as a horror, is ok but not amazing. I found the horror minimal and the scares weren’t that scary. All it is, is an old woman, usually naked, eating a variety of blood. I mean, I don’t want to see old women naked thank you but it’s not exactly scary. I feel like there could’ve been a lot more to this movie but it wanted to be something new, something different, and for me at least it didn’t work.

Give this movie a watch. Hey you might enjoy it more than me but don’t expect much. It’s pretty slow and all that is scary is the music and the gruesome deaths but that’s about it.

What did you think of The VVitch?

Until next time.


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