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Bad Neighbors 2 Review

Was this movie as good as the first? Oh definitely not. Did I still enjoy it….eh?


Bad Neighbors 2 follows the same characters from the first one, Mac and Kelly, who are now expecting their second child and want to sell their home. The only awkward thing this time around is a sorority full of crazy girls has moved in next door and they are the sort of teenagers everyone hates (but also was at one point or another). Ones that don’t listen to anyone and think they know everything.

So the plan is to stop these girls and their crazy parties just long enough so that they can still sell their house. It’s much like the first movie but with a lot more feminism jokes.

The issue I had with this movie was that it seemed to try way too hard. A lot of the jokes were what you’d expect millenials to say but were written as if a middle-aged man had said them. It was slightly cringy and awkward and didn’t have the same flare and wit the first movie had. I don’t know whether I’m biased or a bit sexist too but it was much easier to see men act like buffoons in the first one more than watching the girls in the second. Maybe I just don’t expect girls to act that sort of way, especially when they were so headstrong and condescending at the start.


Also, why was Selena Gomez here? That felt like such a weird casting choice.

Anyway. If it came down to it I would definitely watch the first movie over this one any day. The laughs were better, the casting was easier to watch, and it felt a lot less forced.

What did you think of Bad Neighbours 2?

Until next time.

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