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Strong Review

This show definitely helped me start my fitness journey! It’s so motivating.

Strong is a competition show where a group of unfit women pair up with very fit men who have different styles of fitness including boxing and mixed martial arts. These men take these women over the weeks and help them become strong, all with the motivation to win up to $500,000. Get fit and win half a million? Yes please.

Each episode the women and their male counterparts face different fitness challenges and the loser is sent to the elimination tower, with the winning team being able to pick the team they will battle against. At the elimination tower the pair are faced with many gruelling fitness tasks that test their entire body…and the team that completes it fastest gets to fight another week.

What I loved about this show was it opened my eyes to new ways of working out and ways to keep it fresh and exciting. Seeing the women’s transformations too really spurred me on to want to workout and do my best too. You really start to connect with the competitors and their backstories and as they continue with their fitness journey you really see the change in them both physically and mentally.

If you’re looking to get fit or just love competition shows this is one for you! Not only is it super motivating it’s also fun and very easy to binge watch. The amount of times I was on the edge of my seat watching this was insane and I cannot recommend it enough!

What do you think of Strong?

Until next time.

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