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Bling Empire Review

Watching this reality show was such a breath of fresh air from other ones like Selling Sunset and Made in Chelsea.

Bling Empire follows a group of friends in Los Angeles who are all of Asian descent and are all fabulously rich, whether it comes from trust funds or their own businesses, or even their husbands.

We follow this group through a certain time in their lives where things are changing and evolving. The first person we are introduced to is Kevin, a guy who doesn’t come from a similar background to these other people, but is friends with them and is learning his way around LA. Some of his friends are going through life changing stuff like toxic relationships, having children or thinking about having children, and the idea of whether the woman in the relationship can propose to her boyfriend or not because it seems he clearly isn’t up for the job.

This was really interesting to watch and I liked how it all seemed to be authentic. Reality TV can seem so overdone and over exaggerated despite claiming to be ‘real’ but this one, while not much really happened from episode to episode, you really got to connect with these people on different levels. My favourite person from this show was Kim, she seemed very headstrong and very proud and lived in the moment. Her relationship with her mum and stepdad was absolutely beautiful to watch, especially as she is so prevalent on Instagram and her mum was there giving her all these tips and tricks on how to be sexy for it.

But then Kim goes down a darker route when she tries to find her biological father. Kevin was adopted into a white family and never knew his parents and so Kim being able to see what he’s gone through helps her realise that she doesn’t want to wait until it’s too late to find her family too.

There were so many parts to this show that were really intriguing and fun to watch and the group all just seem to be a lovely group of friends. They clearly care about each other and while there is some drama, as there’s always going to be, they all came together in the end and were so proud of each other and what they’ve gone through. I just wish that Kelly would get rid of a Power Ranger boyfriend because he seems like an absolute tool and she could do so much better.

I highly recommend this show and the way it ended I do think there will be a season two, so I really hope there is. It was so fun to watch, everyone was relatable but also glamorous and interesting, and while they may have come from money and be a bit detached from the real world they still seemed quite down to earth and enjoyable to spend time with. They were just themselves and they were a great group of friends.

What do you think of Bling Empire?

Until next time.

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